The Magic of Bali

There’s something about Bali that all visitors and locals can agree upon – a magic is pulsing through the island that can be felt. Upon your arrival at the airport, you instantly notice the difference. The scent of sandalwood incense, flowers and tropics consume your senses, hypnotizing you into a state of relaxation. Stepping into the street there is an overwhelming hustle and bustle, however, if you observe closely it is actually a beautifully orchestrated chaos. Amidst all the craziness...anxiety, fear and frustration all seem to melt away.

Welcome to Bali - where the days begin at sunrise with a prayer of offering, and end at sunset with a prayer of gratitude. All of the hours in between filled with endless culture, tradition, and nature’s most beautiful works of art. The Balinese locals creating a consistent positive energy that flows through the island thanks to their daily practices.

Be mindful and observe the energy around you. You will not want to miss the miracle of the Balinese magic!